Grethenfest 2024 - Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

We are celebrating a Grethen festival this year! From 26.-28.07.2024 at our friends from the shipyard in Aken.

And you're coming too. Yeah! You can order your ticket here. With each order you can buy a ticket for one person. On this page you can click on the basic ticket at the bottom. You can then book the other options on the next page. On the third page you will find our Code of Conduct. If you confirm this, you are finalising your order.


Ticket options


Basic ticket for 99,99€

With the purchase of one of our 666 basic tickets you are a guest at this year's Grethen Festival from Friday to Sunday. With this amount we can cover all costs of the festival and it also allows us to pay the rent for the Diezko for about 10 months. Our beloved event space in the Betonkiste is currently still in an interim state and therefore cannot yet pay for itself.


Car ticket 20€

If you are planning to come by car, you should also book a car ticket for €20. Without this ticket you will not be able to enter the festival grounds with your car. We want to offer an incentive to travel by public transport (climate change and all). In addition, parking on the site is very limited and there are no parking facilities in the vicinity of the site. This is why the number of car tickets is limited to 150.  If you travel as a group, only one person needs a ticket for the car.


Donation options 5€/10€/15€

Do you love the Grethis and the Diezko? Then support us with an optional solidarity contribution. In addition to the basic ticket, you can donate €5, €10 or €15 (or a combination of these) to support our next project: Diezko urgently needs more toilets. Pee pee for everyone!


People under the age of 18 do not pay admission and must be accompanied by a person with parental authority. We clearly point out the Youth Protection Act. Please also note that our festival is not a family festival and there is no infrastructure or spaces explicitly for kids.


Now you can put together your ticket here:

Basis-Ticket (99.99 €)